The Barren Days

And he shall be like a tree firmly planted by brooks of water. Which yield it fruit in its season; Its leaf does not wither; And in whaevr he does, he prospersReading this passage got me thinking…

There are times of fruitfulness (the time of plenty) and there are times of Fruitlessness, I call it the Barren Days

The Barren Days can be (no, they are!) unpleasant, but guess what! Through it all, God has good plans for you!!

He never once takes His eyes of you

So when that sneaky creep, the Devil whispers in your ears that you’re all alone, you’re not gonna make it. You gotta stand up, kick him off and boldly declare…

I Know who I Am

I Am a child of the Most High God

So, no matter what I face

My Father’s got my back

His plans for me are that of Peace

Leading to a most glorious end

Jeremiah 29:11

I know

That my God’s not done with me yet

This is just the beginning

And my Father has promised

My Latter end will be greater than the Former

Job 8:7

If it happened to the Heroes of Faith

Hebrews 11:4-40

It will also happen to me

Cos, you know what

I Am a Hero of Faith

I am saved by Grace through Faith

Ephesians 2:8

I quit listening to your lies, Devil

And I speak the Truth of God’s Word

As Jesus said to you in Matthew 4:10

I also say to you

Get behind me, Satan

It is written

I Am Overcomer

Revelations 12:11

I Am more than a Conqueror,

Romans 8:37

You’ll be surprised to see (maybe not physically) that little rascal scurry off.

Disappointments, discouragements and all other unpleasant things are sure to occur. But through it all, God Has promised that He will never, ever leave you, neither will He forsake you.


There are so many of God’s promises Just for You found in His Word- the Bible.

Scriptures says “Search the scriptures for in them you’ll find eternal life”, you’ll find Hope, Comfort and it’s the only authentic source of Peace

We are encouraged because there are a list of people who have been through the Barren days, but they came out much stronger and better. There’s Abraham, Joseph, Job, Daniel and even Jesus. And all overcame, you too can overcome.😉

Because, Greater is He that is in You, than he that is against You.😎

Rest in God’s Loving Grace



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