My Sahara Water

At 12 or thereabout, I watched a movie of a couple who got stuck in the Sahara. With no hope, water or means of transportation across, they gradually drained out.

Afterwards, I made it a point of duty to always take an extra bottle of water- I called it My Sahara Water- just in case I got stuck in the Sahara(although I don’t know how possible that is)

This leads me to the story of a Young Lady

She’d lost her identity during her search

Searching for Love and comfort

She found none

Literally torn

She lived life like it was a mess

The trash can filled with all life’s stress

All Hope lost

All Joy gone

Like a dream never to be born

She became the city’s walking dead

But on a road right ahead

The road to the town’s well

She met a man promising ‘All will be Well!’

The source of living Water speaks to You

and He knows all You’ve been through

I’m talking about the Lady at the Well (Check out John 4:1-26)

She was lost and drained, with nowhere to turn from all life’s strain.

You may not be going through the same situation as she was, neither may you face the same challenges as others, but the bottom line is we’re all thirsty.

We are all seeking for More

Our heart cry is More!!!

We do whatever we can to get more. We do all that’s in our power to quench our thirst!

The Truth is…

Our thirst for more is like that last space in a jigsaw puzzle

No other piece fits it except the Perfect Piece


Our thirst can only be quenched by the Living Water; that water that never runs dry but flows continually and is renewed everyday

That Living water my friend, is The Holy Spirit of God

The Spirit that came mightily on the day of Pentecost

The Spirit that turned Pale Peter to Preacher Peter

The Spirit that worked wonders through Jesus and consequently through the apostles

That Spirit- The Holy Spirit of God- is ready to fill you

He’s ready to work in you and through you

He is ready to spring up in you and become rivers of Living Water that never runs dry

He is ready to turn your Dead Sahara desert into a Blooming Spring of Life

He is ready to quench your thirst and satisfy your soul

The Spirit of God is ready… Are you ready?

I know I am

All you need do is ask and believe

If you then, being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit  to those who ask Him

Luke 11:13




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