Listening to Him Speak

In real life challenges whose report do you Listen to


God’s not done with You yet

My heart this moment goes to everyone who's going through crises, sickness, diseases, war, frustration, disappointment and rejection. I pray for y'all everyday and guess what, there's someone else praying for you. Jesus! Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to... Continue Reading →

Fixing My Eyes on Jesus

  Fixing my eyes on Jesus My one true Faith source Eyes off the raging storm Worry, anxiety and much more Fixing my eyes on Jesus Eyes from the storm that attempts to drown In ocean filled doubt looking above to the totality of my faith Fixing my eyes on Jesus Free from sinking ground... Continue Reading →

The Barren Days

Reading this passage got me thinking... There are times of fruitfulness (the time of plenty) and there are times of Fruitlessness, I call it the Barren Days The Barren Days can be (no, they are!) unpleasant, but guess what! Through it all, God has good plans for you!! He never once takes His eyes of... Continue Reading →

Love or Fear

Can't do what I ought to do, go were I should go, be who I should be all because of the devious four-lettered word FEAR!!! Fear is a spirit, a spirit of torment, preventing us from achieving our purpose. Timothy had a gift, but as a young boy in a church of much older people,... Continue Reading →

Illuminating His Light

In the dead of the night, clouds part revealing the only source of light. Shining so bright, the round, crystal globe brightens the dark Night. The Moon! It has no light of its own but reflects the Light of the Sun to brighten the Night. Just as the moon is so are we. We have... Continue Reading →

I really Love this. No matter the situation RAIN or sunshine God remains GOD and He knows Best Trust Him to guide you he'll lead you through the bumps and corners.

Called To Be The Light

Another soul gone And Life still goes on My role is still unknown Am I to patrol or watch and sit still till I to my despair catch the crazy drill Called to be the Light The guiding path There are in desperate plight those in need of the Guide who being beguiled have lost... Continue Reading →

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