Looming Evil!!!

With evil around You're our only Hope


It’s All About Love

I love her But when the did is done I say 'I just had her for Fun' Is that what Love is all about


Words... Though not as gruesome as blood Has the power to heal Or brutally kill With the power to ameliorate or amputate Harmless it seems But what sorrow or joy it can br Source tiny But the power mighty Your words watch For you'll endure its catch

A Day with God

A day with God To experience His Love To know His ways above To know His heart His thoughts And His ways so bright To know His delight His plans, His joys His tears And ways He calms our fears A day with God My Father, My King and Lord To know Him more

Fixing My Eyes on Jesus

  Fixing my eyes on Jesus My one true Faith source Eyes off the raging storm Worry, anxiety and much more Fixing my eyes on Jesus Eyes from the storm that attempts to drown In ocean filled doubt looking above to the totality of my faith Fixing my eyes on Jesus Free from sinking ground... Continue Reading →

The Martha Club

Rowdiness and Cloudiness Block my view I need you Not just to light up my darkness Cause I can't live one more day without you You called me I ignored it I was the busy bee Seeking you only for ends meet You sought me through the ages I hid from You Hiding in You... Continue Reading →

My Sahara Water

At 12 or thereabout, I watched a movie of a couple who got stuck in the Sahara. With no hope, water or means of transportation across, they gradually drained out. Afterwards, I made it a point of duty to always take an extra bottle of water- I called it My Sahara Water- just in case... Continue Reading →

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